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Autonomous Robots Will One Day soon Make Mankind Extraordinary
Why? Because the word "Robot" is short for "autonomous application of knowledge"!
We ("eLeague" Admin and K-12 youth) build autonomous robots
Knowledge is the opposite of ignorance. However, if knowledge is not applied, what good can it do? So we have chosen to build robots to reduce or eliminate food waste by turning it into super fertilizer with the use of robots.
Next we want to eliminate solid waste by turning it into robots, go karts, 4wheelers, jet skis, snow mobiles, ski boats, roadsters, motor yachts, jet type aircraft, buildings, furniture etc. We believe all humans are geniuses and should not work like robots. Instead they should command robots to use the forces of the universe to benefit mankind and replenish our earth.
Our robots are super cute
We ask you, the adults of our world, to choose to help the youth of the world learn and apply technology that the adults do not have the time to do so quickly. All we ask from all adults where possible is to volunteer the equivalent of one hour a week in time or money. This will give the youth of our world the little extra they need to 4x all adult income and show they are truly extraordinary beings of the universe.
Robots can make reducing waste simple and efficient.
To help the youth of our world gain super talents in calculus, biology etc. we are creating an eSports League. We turn learning into fun heart pounding full immersion mission style events that combine sports like skill of the body and quick minds. In the eSports league events both young and old get super entertainment and develop skills they never dreamed possible!
Some robots can run
There is no limit to the quantity of human potential. The amount of resources available to mankind is beyond our comprehension. However, by observing, controlling and commanding the forces of the universe  to work for mankind, step by step,  mankind's vision opens to more and more possibilities. 
Hail Robots
Ladies and gentlemen, it is your choice to be famous as a supporter of our effort to reduce waste and 4x all adult income. Or to be almost famous.
They're Watching
The world is ours and we can do with it whatever we want. So why not do it right. Show the youth of the world that you believe in them and give them the opportunity to show how extraordinary they truly are.
Lower Your Shields
Either time or money in a small easy to do amount will change our world to extraordinary. Many hands make light work! We are changing the culture to a much safer, healthier, wealthier place. And it will be easy with everyone doing just a small effort.
Resistance is Futile
We will love you always so why wait. Show the youth of the world that you can see a great future because you live here!
In a world of education chaos this path cuts through all the obsolete practices and brings simple yet tech powerful experience learning

We don’t believe in miracles, we depend on them.

There is a simple answer to every question and a simple solution to every problem. There is no limit to resources for mankind. For example it may be possible to develop clean energy supplies for mankind to use from the same sources that powers the atom. Right now we have fission systems that tap this source but it creates harmful waste products. We are trying to develop fusion power systems but they will also create waste. So we can solve this waste problem by not creating fission or fusion that break the balance of matter apart but we can use the elastic property of matter to convert atomic energy without creating any waste. Oh and the world is not flat in case you were wondering.

The only thing missing is vision. To that end we invite all to a simple social algorithm. We call it 4X all adult income, and in this algorithm it is the K-12 students goal to apply new tech that will 4X all income. In return the K-12 students ask all adults where possible to volunteer the equivalent of one hour a week in time or money to give the students the little extra they need to learn and apply technology.

Adults have one other part in this algorithm. That is to document for the students what they would disperse their income on if they had 4X more constantly. One would be foolish to try and build a modern building without first creating a model or drawings of the details of a building. However, I have found that most adults have given very little thought to what 4x their income would look like. So we waste our potential, lives and children’s lives mostly living like robots.

So what makes this algorithm fun and rewarding to all? Each person has tremendous potential of all kinds. Developing that potential takes practice trial and error. We make that trial and error fun by having a team to work with and a focus that all work for, shoulder to shoulder arm in arm. Some will write stories to inspire, paint pictures to lift spirits, perfect cosmetics to delight, make food to entice, engineer, manufacture, medical arts and on and on all focused on our social algorithm.

What is the start? Food waste into gold. Everyone creates food waste and now we have the technology to turn the waste into hundreds of billions of dollars of fertilizer. This combined with robotics creates a world wide garden of Eden. How do we get people to know about it and do it? With neighborhood intro meetings and community workshops where Esports are showcases of learning and super edutainment that can be introduced and enjoyed by all young and old alike. Imagine an “Ender’s Game” style of full immersion mission, at the same time learning Calculus or Biology vocabulary and best practices. Never had it so good!

A design studio can create Esports systems that take vocabulary and best practices and intertwine them as inputs to command and control of ships that venture into space, the body, deep earth or oceans. Where all kinds of conflict confront the crews as they battle to complete their mission save people and stay alive, virtually of course. This way the most difficult and boring learning can be made so subconscious that everyone can develop skills they never dreamed of. It could be conceivable that all 12 years of subject matter is learned in 12 months. And the rest of that time applies to new tech.

So what do we do with the ideas of the adults on how they would disperse 4X constant income? We create a virtual world where we use autonomous applied knowledge to create that new world. And when we have a good solution in the virtual world we do it in the real world. Of course the skills needed to create this virtual and real world are learned in the Esports arena.

Next we bring 50,000 students virtually to a ranch in Elk, WA where the students are now super intelligent ant size beings landing on a world of giants that are losing control of their world to all that is noxious. The ants have to teach the giants how to reverse this noxious world back into a sustainable world etc.

A little long however, I hope you can at least get a glimpse of what the vision is.

Wall of Fame helping better the World Paradigm Shift
 Gibby Media of Spokane WA
Victor Williamson of Utah
Doug Faulkner of Utah
Terry Jessop of Utah
Jim Hill of Elk WA
Stacy Hatch of Utah
Steve&Mindy Gibson of UT
Samantha of Utah
Chris of Utah
Dale Rappleye of Utah
Julie&Laine Gibson of Utah
Stephanie Gunderson of UT
Amy Baird of Utah
Ulloa Jimena of Utah
Jim Hill of Utah
Mele Toumoua of Utah
Joseph Baird of Idaho
Melissa McCleery of Utah
Riley of Utah
Deaglan of Utah

Wall of almost Famous
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Project Lead: Chuck Smith
Senior Robotics Engineer
65 years of building innovating engineering.

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